About SDIA

Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency aims to deliver great advantages and opportunities Saemangeum holds as the Best destination for global business and investment.

About SDIA

For foreign companies wishing to establish their business in Saemangeum and to take advantage of Northeast Asia’s new economic hub as a strategic base to cover Northeast Asia, SDIA, established in
September 2013, is a Korean Government Agency that works for Saemangeum Project, one of the biggest Korean national projects, aiming to develop the newly reclaimed area, Saemangeum, into an
economic hub of East Asia. We are your connection to the global business opportunities found in Saemangeum. We can help you access the markets and business resources of Northeast Asia as well as Korea.


We offer:

  • Responses to inquiries from companies or corporations interested in investing in or buying products and services from Saemangeum/Korea
  • Introductions to potential business partners, universities, property agents, financial services firms, regulatory and government authorities
  • Market visits for your business in Saemangeum
  • Meetings to help you recognize investment opportunities
  • Meeting rooms in Seoul/Saemangeum, so you can meet potential clients
  • Other assistance on a case-by-case basis

PR Video:


Saemangeum: a new land carrying the breadth of the sea

The longest seawall in the world,
a new frontier built on top
becoming a global hub city.

Centered on a new future civilization,
this is Saemangeum.

Body 1

Situated between the seas of Gogunsangun-do and the plains of Geumman
Lays a thousand of years of history.
Saemangeum reached here and teeming with life.

Flourishing in Korea’s ancient times with a culture of maritime trade
And every year bringing a bounty of goods and happiness is
The Yellow Sea’s core which started in 1989.
Its challenge has been to dare to expand the territory and map of the Republic of Korea with countless sea vessels coming and going through

The government of South Korea’s goal to create global business and culture
Is revealed through the splendor of Saemangeum.

Saemangeum is riding the giant waves of change to become an economic capital of the Korean Wave as part of the construction project to transform the entire reclaimed land of the vast seawall into a world-class city four times the size of Paris.

Body 2

A city of dreams made a reality,
In Saemangeum, every piece of creativity and passion gather to transform into a hub for the world.

Saemangeum was developed as a national project and is becoming a city where people, freedom and technology can mesh well together according to six land use plan – International cooperation, Industry & Research, Tourism & Leisure, Agro-bio, Eco-environment, and Residential Area.

Located at the zenith of the Pan Yellow sea area and western sea industrial belt, Saemangeum has an extraordinary position allowing for its focus on its international and domestic affairs.

Enterprises to learn of this land’s hidden value early on
are emerging as powerful industry mecca on the global stage.

In addition, a unique economic partnership between Korean and China
Has made this city a center for international free trade.

Saemangeum presents a new and special happiness each and every day.

Saemangeum has festivals all year round to enjoy a plethora of leisure activities.

Building the sea route of a new harbor, the air way of a new airport and roads to connect all four corners of the earth, Saemangeum will continue to develop its infrastructure to become a city of maritime tourism by 2023.

With these efforts, Saemangeum is evolving into a global city with the honor to hold a ‘World Scout Jamboree 2023’.

Body 3

Land that grows the azure dreams of youth.
Saemangeum marches towards a better future while
Eagerly awaiting the day that makes dreams a reality.

While the Fourth Industrial Revolution is on its precipice,
Saemangeum dreams of a world never seen before.

The sun and the wind. Through energy harnessed from nature,
the door to the age of autonomous vehicles while creating the world’s largest renewable energy cluster on the sea and pioneering mobility industries is opening.
Saemangeum is changing today with this ambitious dream.

A waterfront with the fusion of advanced technology and environmental-friendliness.
Leading a waterfront city that shares the advantages of nature’s richness and convenient technologies.


Becoming greater through a future that creates a new civilization,

by opening doors to unlimited potential on the seas,

And building a city to become the center of the world.

Just as we imagined,
Just as we drew up,
A land that achieves our dreams,
As much as possible.
Saemangeum’s transformations have already begun.


30 seconds

-Global Hub, Center of the Future

41 seconds

-“If Gogunsangun-do’s waters withdraw 150,000 meters,

This will become a millennial capital.”

-Joseon’s greatest prophet, Jeong Gam-nok

52 seconds

-Saemangeum, opening a new world.

58 seconds

- Maritime Hub for sharing culture since prehistoric times in Northeast Asia. 

-Sea route base for Korean-Chinese-Japanese maritime trade

-Pan Yellow sea area, Saemangeum

1 minute 15 seconds

-1989 Announced basic plan for Saemangeum Comprehensive Development Project

-1991 Began construction of Saemangeum sea wall

-2006 Completed construction of final cofferdam

-2007 Established Saemangeum Special Act

-2010 Completed construction of the world’s longest seawall

-2013 Established Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency
 -2018 Saemangeum renewable energy vision proclaimed

1 minute 26 seconds

-Saemangeum reclaimed land

- Saemangeum seawall and development of surrounding areas

-Area is 409km2

-Four times the size of Paris

2 minutes 1 second

-Saemangeum, becoming a global hub

2 minutes 10 seconds

-International cooperation area

-Industry and research area

-Tourism and Leisure area

-Agro-bio area

-Eco-environment area

-Residential area

2 minutes 36 seconds

-Daejeon, Jeonju, Saemangeum, Gwangju

-Hwanseo Sea economic belt

-Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Lianyungang, Chongqing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Jeju Island, Osaka, Vladivostok, Wihae, Seoul, Tarien, Hong Kong, Taipei

2 minutes 45 seconds

-Industry mecca

-Toray, Solvay, Lena International, Nemo Eng, Dongho Cosmo

2 minutes 55 seconds

-Designated as Korea’s only Korea-China Economic Partnership Complex

-International free trade center

3 minutes 4 seconds

-Gimjae Manghaesa temple

-Buan Naesosa temple

-Julpoman Ecology Park

-Geumsansa t temple great cherry blossoms

-Eunpa Lake Park

3 minutes 10 seconds

-Maritime tourism city

- International yacht Competition, international Gran Fondo(cyclosportive) competition, holding nomad festival

-Shinsi Yami tourist resort development

3 minutes 17 seconds

-New harbor, Port Gunsan, Saemangeum International Airport, Road to the East and West, Road to the North and South, Saemangeum grand service railway

-Gunjangsan Railway, Janghang Line

-Construction of Saemangeum transportation facilities

-Roads, railways, harbors, airports

-Saemangeum Port, service railway

-Existing Gunjang Harbor, new harbor construction

-Existing Gunsan Airport, development of Saemangeum International Airport

-Expected construction of transportation facilities until 2023

3 minutes 33 seconds

-World Scout Jamboree

-50,000 youths from 170 countries together at the World Scout Jamboree

4 minutes

-Saemangeum, stepping toward the future

4 minutes 4 seconds

-Saemangeum: Pioneering the Fourth Industrial Revolution

4 minutes 14 seconds

-Construction of the world’s greatest cluster of renewable energies

-Construction of mobility clusters

4 minutes 33 seconds

-Smart waterfront city

-Creating the foundation of a hyperconnected society focused on the city, water, energy, transportation, and more through the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence

4 minutes 48 seconds

-Opening the doors of possibilities through the world’s longest seawall

-Making a global hub city

-Going into a new future

5 minutes 17 seconds

-Here is a land where dreams come true.

-This is Saemangeum.