About SDIA

Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency aims to deliver great advantages and opportunities Saemangeum holds as the Best destination for global business and investment.

About SDIA

For foreign companies wishing to establish their business in Saemangeum and to take advantage of Northeast Asia’s new economic hub as a strategic base to cover Northeast Asia, SDIA, established in
September 2013, is a Korean Government Agency that works for Saemangeum Project, one of the biggest Korean national projects, aiming to develop the newly reclaimed area, Saemangeum, into an
economic hub of East Asia. We are your connection to the global business opportunities found in Saemangeum. We can help you access the markets and business resources of Northeast Asia as well as Korea.


We offer:

  • Responses to inquiries from companies or corporations interested in investing in or buying products and services from Saemangeum/Korea
  • Introductions to potential business partners, universities, property agents, financial services firms, regulatory and government authorities
  • Market visits for your business in Saemangeum
  • Meetings to help you recognize investment opportunities
  • Meeting rooms in Seoul/Saemangeum, so you can meet potential clients
  • Other assistance on a case-by-case basis

PR Video:

The hub of global free trade,
guaranteed by the Korean government.

Hub of Asia,
Heart of The Future”

Encircled by the world’s longest 33.9km-long Saemangeum seawall,
this huge area, as large as two-thirds(2/3) of Seoul, is Saemangeum,
a city open to a new future.

Saemangeum is a major national project of Korea
fully supported by the central government
in order to grow into a global economic cooperation hub.

Saemangeum will reinvent the concept of
how we work, live, and play
with six function areas:
International Cooperation Area,
Industry & Research Area,
Tourism & Leisure Area,
Agro-bio Area,
Eco-Environment Area,
and Residential Area.

Located at the center of Northeast Asia with 1.5 billion population,
Saemangeum can easily access 52 major cities
with over one million population such as Beijing and Shanghai
within two hours.

Surrounded by large-scale industrial complexes
such as Gunsan National Industrial Complex,
auto and machine parts cluster,
and national food cluster,
and developing network of shipbuilding, carbon,
and new, renewable energy industries,
Saemangeum has become the place to enjoy
the maximized synergy effects of industry cluster.

Thanks to the efficient and effective infrastructure
including the new port and Gunsan port,
Saemangeum can access Korea’s major cities within a half day.

Saemangeum is to have 3 by 3 road network,
and currently East-West 1st and 3rd Axis Roads and
North-South 1st Axis Road are in operation
while the East-West 2nd Axis Road
 from Saemangeum New Port to Pohang
is under construction.

Also, Saemangeum can easily reach out to the world
thanks to Gunsan Airport just around the corner from Saemangeum,
and Muan International Airport, 90 minutes away

In addition to the existing Gunsan port,
once the construction of New Saemangeum Port
with 18 berths is completed,
Saemangeum is sure to become the logistics hub of Asia.

Active support strengthens the potential of business.
Saemangeum, being the key strategic project
led by the Korean government
with an aim to secure future growth engines,
the government supports residing companies
through Saemangeum Special Act.

The Korea-China Economic Cooperation Complex
being developed in Saemangeum
is an open economic complex
co-developed by both Korean and Chinese government.

Thanks to strong interest from the leaders of both countries,
it has been designated as
the only Korea-China Economic Cooperation Complex in Korea
after the signing of the Korea-China FTA.

The land of opportunity and potential,
supported by the Korean government!

Discover a greater future in Saemangeum!